Luna Grill Clairemont

Luna Grill Clairemont

Luna Grill Clairemont offers San Diego fresh Mediterranean cuisine such as kabobs, gourmet salads, hummus, house-made falafel, pita wraps, desserts, craft beer and wine in a contemporary, fast-casual setting. We pride ourselves on serving REAL food that contains no added hormones, no GMOs, and no preservatives whenever possible.

Luna Grill Clairemont is located right off Balboa Avenue, at the cross-section of Interstate 805 and Route 52. We proudly serve residents of Clairemont as well as the surrounding neighborhoods of Mission Valley, Mission Beach, Linda Vista, Serra Mesa, and Kearny Mesa.

We’re nestled between the Pacific, the San Diego Zoo, and the University of San Diego — go Tritons! Whether you’re visiting campus or headed out for a beach day at La Jolla Cove, stop by Luna Grill Clairemont for some quality, fresh Mediterranean take-out. Our easy-to-transport lifestyle bowls are the perfect food for a sunny picnic on the coast.


Luna Grill

4175 Genesee Avenue
Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 268-5862


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Fresh Med, your way!

Personalize your meal for your lifestyle and receive full nutritional details for every dish using our MyMenu tool!


From holiday parties to office luncheons to wedding celebrations and more, Luna Grill Mediterranean Kitchen is the perfect addition to your special event. Call 1-855-835-LUNA or click below to order.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego offer delivery?

Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego delivers! We offer delivery in through our Club Luna Rewards App or through our website at We also partner with DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates, GrubHub, and Favor Delivery (Texas only). Please note that orders from our third-party delivery partners will not be credited towards your Club Luna Rewards account.

In today’s fast-paced world, it might feel like the only food options out there are either fast food or lengthy, inconvenient meal prep. Luna Grill Clairemont is here to provide a third option: fresh, delicious Mediterranean cuisine that is conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Skip the traffic and the grocery store; we’ve got you and your family covered. We even partner with a variety of delivery services so you can order online from your preferred service whenever, wherever. Don’t forget to download our Club Luna Rewards App to order so you can start racking up points for free food today!

Do you allow dogs at Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego?

We love our furry friends at Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego! All Luna Grill locations with patios are dog-friendly.

Frankly, this one’s a no-brainer. Next time you stop by Luna Grill Clairemont, bring your pup so that you can both spend a little quality time together on our sunny patio. The sweet and savory Mediterranean aromas wafting out of our kitchen will have you both drooling. While you dive into a plate of our handcrafted falafel or indulge in one of our specialty sauces, you and your furry friend will both feel right at home in our outdoor seating.

Does Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego cater?

Yes! Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego offers catering. Visit our Catering page at or contact our team at 855-835-5862 for more information.

Let us know what event you’re looking to have catered, and we’re there! In the market for self-serve, buffet-style catering? No problem, we offer two differently-sized packages that both come with your choice of protein (veggies, shaved gyro meat, seasoned bistro beef, or 8-hour marinated chicken kabob) alongside basmati rice, warm pita bread, bold tzatziki sauce, and your choice of salad.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to order pre-made meals ahead of time — maybe you have a business luncheon or family reunion coming up — we have other options, including appetizers. Our entire menu is available to choose from, and you can mix and match your selections in order to best meet your guests’ dietary needs and preferences.

Does Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego deliver for catering orders?

Yes! Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego offers delivery on catering orders. 24 hours is required for delivery, same day pickup is available. Minimum orders do apply.

As long as you give us 24 hours notice, we’re happy to cater to you directly to save you a bit of hassle. Whether you’re catering an event at home or at a venue, Luna Grill Clairemont will cover transport and setup. Our delicious, all-natural Mediterranean food will leave your guests craving more, and our delivery service will help you avoid a big chunk of the unnecessary stress that typically comes with event planning.

Does Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego cater weddings?

Yes, Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego offers catering for weddings and wedding related events. Email or call 855-835-LUNA and let's chat about your big day!

If you pick Luna Grill Clairemont to cater your special day, our answer is a resounding “I do!” We have plenty of experience with catering weddings, some of our most popular catering events. We promise not to upstage the bride, but it might be a close competition between our flame-grilled meats, colorful salads, and near-eastern spices.

Contact us beforehand so that we can make sure everything is planned out to the last detail.

Does Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego offer Gluten Free Menu items?

Yes Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego has plenty of Gluten Free items on our menu! Please note that while we offer gluten-free ingredients, our kitchen is not gluten-free facility. Let our team know of your special request and we’ll do our best to assist you!

Check out our handy lifestyle menu filter — a special tool on our website that lets you sort our menu according to your dietary needs and preferences — and you’ll see that Luna Grill Clairemont offers plenty of made-to-order gluten-free options.

A few of our top gluten-free entrees are our gourmet salads, lifestyle bowls, and kabob platters. If you’re in the mood for something lighter, try out our Modern Greek salad, Apple Walnut salad, or our flavorful stuffed grape leaves, which come with a side of creamy garlic feta sauce. Our chicken kabob platter and famous koobideh kabob are not only gluten-free but protein-packed, too.

Does Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego offer Vegan and Vegetarian Menu items?

Yes Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego has plenty of Vegan and Vegetarian items on our menu! Visit to view our Vegan and Vegetarian menu items.

The Mediterranean region, thanks to its nutrient-rich soil and sunny climate, is one of the world’s top producers of fresh produce. This is why the Mediterranean diet is full of vegan and vegetarian options. And Luna Grill Clairemont’s menu is no exception. Our vegan and vegetarian friends can use our lifestyle menu filter to pick their favorites.

One of our top recommendations is our Vegan Luna Vida Bowl, which consists of housemade falafel served on top of a bed of lettuce with lemon vinaigrette, Greek cabbage, crunchy chickpea salad, ripe cucumber, and tomato, and a drizzle of vegan tahini sauce. The best part? All that food is sure to satisfy your taste buds, your body, and the Earth.

Does Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego offer Keto Menu items?

Yes Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego has plenty of Keto compliant items on our menu! Visit to view our Keto menu.

One of the highlights of Luna Grill Clairemont’s Keto menu is our specially-made Luna Vida Keto Bowl which includes grilled sustainable salmon, a crunchy bed of lettuce, a light lemon vinaigrette, spicy feta, hearty Greek cabbage, diced cucumber, sun-kissed tomato, feta, and housemade tzatziki. Try our Keto menu for yourself to see why the Mediterranean Keto hybrid diet is becoming a leading healthy eating pattern as of late.

Is Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego healthy?

We offer many healthy items at Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego such as our Modern Greek Salad and Luna Vida bowls! Find all our nutritional info at

At Luna Grill Clairemont, you will never have to choose between tasty and healthy because all of our food is both! Our take on the Mediterranean diet is especially nutritional because we source all of our ingredients from trustworthy sources and offer a wide range of low-calorie, diet-approved menu options. On our lifestyle menu filter, you’ll find lots of filling options that are under 650 calories.

Do you serve alcohol at Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego?

Yes, most Luna Grill locations serve alcohol. Contact us at Luna Grill Clairemont San Diego to see what we're serving!

Where can I find the nutritional information for Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego?

You can find our nutritional information along with lifestyle menus (Vegan, Gluten Free, Keto, Vegetarian, Low Calorie, High Protein) for Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego by visiting

Does Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego serve Greek food?

Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego offers fresh Mediterranean fare inspired by the Mediterranean region, including Greece!

While many of our dishes come from Greek cookbooks, we also draw culinary inspiration from other countries around the Mediterranean and in the Middle East. Our koobideh kabob, for instance, has an Iranian-Lebanese origin.

Although many countries surround the Mediterranean coast, you’ll find that many share similar ingredients and dishes to Greece. For example, popular foods like feta, pita, hummus, and gyro can also be found in other areas of the Mediterranean coast. While we serve Greek food at Luna Grill, we also take inspiration from other areas of the Mediterranean sea as well.

How many calories are in Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego's menu items?

You can find all our nutritional info for Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego by visiting Check out our low calorie lifestyle menu on this website as well!

Does Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego offer a Military Discount?

We have a huge heart for the Military. Our heroes can enjoy a 10% discount with valid Military I.D at Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego.

Do You Take Reservations?

We do not take reservations at Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego. However, if you’re planning a large event please email and we will be happy to take care of you.

Our restaurants are meant for family-style dining, so they all have ample space to host you and your loved ones. After all, eating quality food with family and friends is a key part of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Does Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego have promo codes?

Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego occasionally offers promo codes to give our guests discounts. To receive discounts year-round, sign up for Club Luna Rewards at

Does Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego send text messages?

Yes, you can sign up to receive texts from Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego by visiting! You'll receive an offer for signing up plus exclusive news and special offers year-round.

Does Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego have a rewards program?

We'd love for you to join Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego Club Luna Rewards. For every $ spent, you'll receive points. Every 100 points earned = $10 off! For full details on how to earn and redeem Rewards, please visit

What are you waiting for? Download the Club Luna Rewards app now so that you can start earning points toward free food now!

Are you hiring at Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego ?

Yes, Luna Grill Clairemont, San Diego is hiring! Please visit to apply today.

We’re on the lookout for the next generation of ‘Lunatics,’ as we so fondly call our team members here at Luna Grill Clairemont. If you are a passionate, driven foodie who is interested in creating a unique dining experience for your fellow San Diegans, apply today.

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